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Restricted Key Systems

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We supply and install high security key systems, as well as a variety of inline key systems for key control:

Kaba Pextra Systems


  • Multi Points
  • Patented globally. Australian Design Registration 2022
  • The patented centering pin prevents opening by
    the bumping method
  • Protected against picking by an overlapping key
    profile and special tumbler pins
  • Anti-drilling protection by additional steel security elements in the cylinder housing and barrel


Areas of Applications:

  • Offices and practices
  • Apartment complexes and private homes
  • Business and industrial sites
  • Airports, public transport
  • Schools, universities
  • Hospitals



  • Investment Security – the master key system can be expanded at any time and can be integrated into electronic locking systems
  • Organisation – the customer determines in the
    master key system which key opens which door(s)
  • Flexibility – by versatile application possibilities
  • Bump Resistant – Protected from lock bumping.







   DC1B Features:

  • Unique patented Anti-Bump system
    DC1’s unique Anti-Bump pin design gives you peace of mind.
  • Highly pick resistant key broach
    For added security the complexity of design in the DC1 key broach makes it extremely difficult to pick.
  • Design Registered Keyway
    Gives you the peace of mind that your key cannot be copied by unauthorised users. The key design is protected by Australian and New Zealand law.